NATKVM Manager

Remote Control

Installation Guide

This document is meant as a guide to get you up and running! There may be times when this document will be unable to guide you if you are running a custom environment but in most cases, following the spirit / essence of this document will allow you to achieve a successful installation.

  1. Check the version of PHP running on your webhosting provider. Usually you can find this under PHP in your webhosting control panel.
  2. Ensure that you or your provider has the PHP Ioncube loader installed. If you administer your own webserver, please visit for more instructions. They have a handy loader wizard that can guide you through manually installing the loader for your environment since it varies depending on the PHP version  you have installed.
  3. In our downloads section, choose the corresponding download that matches the PHP version you have installed - we support 7.4 or 8.1 as of (8/5/2023) but this can change as time goes by.
  4. Unzip the download to whichever directory you want on your webserver and visit the url version of the website. Eg. Let's say you have a domain called and you unzip the files there, then you visit and the app will load.
  5. If you bought multiple apps, unzip each in a different directory. Eg. unzip emailbackup to an emailbackup folder.
  6. Once you open either app via the urls you installed them at (eg., head over to license tab and enter the license details. Make sure to enter the details (username is  your RCLOUDSYSTEM login user, password is your RCLOUDSYSTEM password, license key for your product can be found in your account order section, click save, then click activate domain and then click check license - this will fully activate the app. IF YOU HAVE ISSUES ACTIVATING - PLEASE ENSURE YOUR RCLOUDSYSTEM PASSWORD DOES NOT HAVE STRANGE CHARACTERS IN IT. OUR SYSTEM SEEMS TO SANITIZE STRANGE CHARACTERS! A password like Password12! works just fine but make it harder!
  7. Go back to the other tabs and enter the email address login details to initiate your transfer.
  8. For EmailSync and EmailBackup there is a CLI tab that shows you the command line arguments you can use. SpeedTester and LookingGlass do not have CLI tabs.
  9. If you ever receive a write error warning, please ensure that the directory you unzipped your application to has write permissions AND is owned by the user of the webserver / PHP process.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us via support! Thank you!