NATKVM Manager

Remote Control


Original price was: $25.00.Current price is: $10.00.

RCLOUDSYSTEMS NAT KVM Manager is a user friendly control panel that manages Virtual Machines behind a single IP (v4) address.


Extremely affordable pricing

Tested on Ubuntu 20 and 22 LTS (host node)

Runs KVM Virtual Machines on bare metal or KVM with nested virtualization

Supports up to 750 VMs per host node (depending on how much resources are available on host node)

Built in Netboot for OS installation options

Built in bandwidth daemon that monitors and suspends VMs that go over the bandwidth limit per month

Attach VMs to single or multiple users

Users can configure their own port forwarding (25 ports per VM)

Built-in noVNC access per VM

Direct VNC access per VM for use with external VNC clients

Users can control whether VNC port is allowed or blocked

Automatically configures networking via DHCP for VMs (turn key)

Admin can suspend VMs with a suspension message

Admin can control whether VMs autostart

Admin can adjust monthly transfer limits

Admin can monitor individual VM CPU and Memory usage

Usage data is never collected by us (unlike competitor products)

FREE Updates within your license period (simply renew license for continued updates)

Built and supported in-house by RCLOUDSYSTEMS

1. You must have a valid domain name to point to the host node to enable SSL (LetsEncrypt) which is required for the panel to work correctly.

1. Download and unzip package to a directory example: /root/natkvmmanager
2. Run 'chmod 0755 *.sh'
3. Run ./ depending on your Ubuntu version (20 or 22 LTS are supported).
4. After install, run ./ to setup HTTPS for control panel.
5. Perform reboot (required!)
6. Visit your host node's domain to set your admin password and begin using your panel. 

Useful information:
1. The NAT KVM Manager control panel is automatically installed into /var/www/html


Q: Where are my license details?
A: Your license username and password is the same as your RCLOUDSYSTEMS username and password. Your license key can be found using the 'Account' link in the top right menu.

Q: Where do I download the application?
A: Once you're logged into this website, click the 'Downloads' link from the top right menu to access your downloads.

Q: Are there any feature limits?
A: There is only one coded limit, you are allowed up to 6 activations per year based on domain. If your website changes more than 6 times, please contact us for an extra extension to this limit. This limit was added to avoid license abuse.

Q: Do I need web hosting to use this web application?
A: Accurately speaking, you need a bare metal server or a KVM viritual machine that has nested virtualization enabled. There must also be at least one IPv4 on the machine.

Q: Are there any usage limits?
A: There's one limit. One license per server.

Q: How long does a license purchase cover?
A: A license usually covers an entire year of utility unless otherwise specified.

Q: Can I resell my license?
A: Technically you can and you can even make a profit doing so. We won't however switch the product over to a new email account.

Q: Can I share my license/login details with others?
A: This is an individual license, so no, this is not allowed with the exception that you may grant a single business assignee to use your login on behalf of you.

Q: Is the license and price recurring?
A: Yes! We try our best to honour the price you paid for it. This means if you received a discount, then we'll continue to honour the discount unless there are any unforeseen issues doing do.