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RCLOUDSYSTEMS EmailArchiver is a web application that allows your to backup / archiver individual emails from your live email account. You can then search the archive and restore emails individual if the need arises.


Extremely affordable pricing

Single command deployment docker option available or install on your own servers - the choice is yours!

Very few dependencies (PHP, IMAP, MailParse, Ioncube)

UNLIMITED email archiving

UNLIMITED email account changes

Unlimited restoring of archived emails

Web interface that is accessible within your browser

Usage data is never collected by us (unlike competitor products)

FREE Updates within your license period (simply renew license for continued updates)

Built and supported in-house by RCLOUDSYSTEMS

IMAP protocol for transfers which is much more efficient


Q: Where are my license details?
A: Your license username and password is the same as your RCLOUDSYSTEMS username and password. Your license key can be found using the 'Account' link in the top right menu.

Q: Where do I download the application?
A: Once you're logged into this website, click the 'Downloads' link from the top right menu to access your downloads.

Q: Are there any feature limits?
A: There is only one coded limit, you are allowed up to 6 activations per year based on domain. If your website changes more than 6 times, please contact us for an extra extension to this limit. This limit was added to avoid license abuse.

Q: Do I need web hosting to use this web application?
A: Technically no since we have a docker version that you can self host on your own computer. But you can also self host this app on webhosting - the choice is yours

Q: Why did you guys opt for a yearly license?
A: We don't think you should have to pay double digits to purchase an app that you may not use frequently (though we hope you will use it more often!). For single use, our price point is much more competitive and breaks the barriers for many users who need to copy their emails. For freelancers who may want to migrate client emails, the price remains the same!

Q: Are there any usage limits?
A: There's one limit. You are not allowed to provide a public free or paid service exposing the app for public use or utilizing the app by automating it. You can sell a freelance service in which you do email backups or restorations for your customers as long as you are performing the actions (which is entirely fine). The license is intended for a single individual or a single business assignee to use it for transferring emails.

Q: How long does a license purchase cover?
A: A license usually covers an entire year of utility unless otherwise specified.

Q: Can I resell my license?
A: Technically you can and you can even make a profit doing so. We won't however switch the product over to a new email account.

Q: Can I share my login details with others?
A: This is an individual license, so no, this is not allowed with the exception that you may grant a single business assignee to use your login on behalf of you.

Q: Is the license and price recurring?
A: Yes! We try our best to honour the price you paid for it. This means if you received a discount, then we'll continue to honour the discount unless there are any unforeseen issues doing do.